Rose Hashimoto

violist / violinist / educator

Website of Seattle-based violist, violinist, and educator Rose Hashimoto.

“Rose was an excellent teacher and role model for my daughter. Rose was always organized and prepared, a thoughtful teacher who saw what my daughter could work on with her technique and found ways to motivate and engage her interest. My daughter became a better more confident violinist under Rose’s excellent teaching. We were lucky to have her.”


“My child learned the viola from Ms. Rose for three and a half years. My son is a very active boy, so we are very lucky to meet Ms. Rose because without her, it would be very hard to begin and continue to learn a string instrument. Ms. Rose is very patient and she encouraged my son when he met difficult moments in the process of learning. She always showed positive spin in a calm way. While I stayed with my son at the lesson, it has been a very precious time for me, too watching his expectations and excitements whenever he starts new pieces of music learning the techniques step by step.”


“Ms. Rose is light, steadfast and positive; and she has a brimful of ways/tricks to help us have a better practice. I have seen the importance of a teacher to give specific homework charts, which Ms. Rose has always. Her keen sense of focus and detail is contagious.”


“Rose has been my 8 year old son's amazing Suzuki violin teacher for the past 2 years. Rose is the perfect combination of calm, patient, exacting, conscientious and warm. She is super organized with loads of practice materials and weekly synopses that are thorough and incredibly helpful. She focused with him on really listening to himself as he plays and on the musicality, storytelling and tone. Rose has been an amazing teacher for my son.”